Product Description

Canada’s only cookware manufacturer has been working hard to make one of the world’s best cookware sets. Made in Prince Edward Island from solid 18/10 stainless steel with an encapsulated bottom pad so your food cooks fast and evenly just like it does on kitchen shows. Durable riveted handles that never loosen or fall off, solid stainless steel lids that are oven and dishwasher safe and backed by Paderno’s exceptional 25 year warranty. Cookware specifically designed to the exacting standards of busy kitchens, this cookware is as durable as it is elegant. The set also includes a flared ‘no-drip’ lip only possible with thick, heavy-duty cookware. Frying pans feature Paderno’s exceptional Granite non-stick coating – proven to last 70 times longer than traditional non-stick coatings and performed over 700 eggs in the industry’s “dry egg test”. The coating colour was hand-selected by one of the country’s most popular chefs and only available in this set. This granite splatter pattern is unique to this collection and the non-stick coating is also oven and dishwasher safe and included in the 25 year Paderno warranty. Set includes: 1.5L, 2L & 3L Saucepan, 5L Dutch oven, 24cm Granite Frying Pan, 28cm Granite Frying Pan, 1.5L Steamer, and 4 Covers