Product Description

Our famous flagship “Pots for Eternity” are made in Prince Edward Island and features a heat conductive bottom pad for superior cooking performance, durable welded handles and a flared, no-drip lip. Paderno’s precise heat control, durability, ease of use and elegant design make it ideal for both home and restaurant use. Backed by our exceptional 25 year warranty. Set includes: 1.5L, 2L & 3L Saucepans, 5L Dutch Oven, 3L Steamer, 24cm Frying Pan, 5 covers.      (Not compatible for Induction)

Customer Reviews

  1. Michael Cresswell

    I love the Paderno line of Professional cookware. I also like in the more general line the “Nature Trust” fry pans with the ceramic coating, but lately I’ve not been able to find them on your site. There are a great many varieties of the ceramic coated cookware here , but none of the “Nature Trust” series. My collection is incomplete, and I would like to rectify that


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